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Mrs. Sharon Ackerman
Mr. Jeremy Albritton
Dr. Wolf Brueckmann
Mrs. Patricia Magee Daly, Ex Officio
Mrs. Alfred P. Dennis
Mr. Christian Fabian
Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick III
Mrs. Helga Otto Haub
Mr. Leslie Janka
Mr. Robert R. Jensen
Mr. Luke Knittig
Lt. General (Ret.) Susan S. Lawrence
Honorable Joe T. May
Mr. Kevin Milas
Mr. Edmund Rhoads
Mr. Karl Riedel
Mr. Edward L. Wetherell


Chairman, Board of Directors: Lt. General (Ret.) Susan S. Lawrence
First Vice Chairman, Board of Directors: Mr. Leslie Janka
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors: Mrs Helga O. Haub
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors: Mr. Christian Fabian
Development Committee Chairman: Mr. Robert Jensen
Education Committee Chairman: Mrs. Sharon Ackerman
Chairman, Finance and Audit Committee, Board of Directors: Mr. Edward L. Wetherell
Chairman, Real Estate Endowment and Grounds Committee, Board of Directors: Mr.Karl Riedel
President and CEO: Mrs. Patricia Magee Daly


Patricia Magee Daly, President and CEO

Dr. Laurie West Van Hook, Vice President, History Programs and Museum Operations

Janet van der Vaart, Vice President, Special Projects

Tom Bowers, Docent Director
Rachel Thompson, Marshall Biographer

Anne Shively, SPEP Coordinator

The George C. Marshall International Center
312 East Market Street Suite C
Leesburg, VA 20176
Office Phone: (703) 777-1301

The Marshall House

217 Edwards Ferry Road
Leesburg, VA  20176
Tour Line: 571-206-4240

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      The Marshall House is open for tours starting March 4, 2017.
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