Who Was General George C. Marshall?

generalGeneral George C. Marshall is considered by many to be one of the greatest modern-day American heroes. He is recognized as the organizer of the Allied Victory in World War Two and the architect of the European Recovery Program (the Marshall Plan) that changed the face of the world and earned Marshall the Nobel Peace Prize. From the beginning of his 44-year public career as a graduate of Virginia Military Institute in 1901 to the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953, Marshall’s decorations, awards, and honorary degrees total more than 60, and include military, civilian, and substantial foreign recognition.

Amid his extraordinary accomplishments, Marshall was most appreciated and beloved for who he was. He did not seek fame and earned an uncontested reputation for being an honest, humble, and resolute leader. His personal contributions to the efforts and development of the United States and other countries during some of the most significant events in modern history are remarkable, not just for the magnitude of what he accomplished, but because of the incorruptible, selfless integrity with which he served.