As a young man, in the atmosphere of a southern military school, George Catlett Marshall emerged from the shadow of a higher achieving brother to find his calling, that of a soldier.  Rachel Yarnell Thompson has taken Marshall from that fresh-faced youth's tentative and formative time to the intersections of national and world events where he soon proved his mettle as a leader.  Using  his global experience in two world wars, Secretary of State Marshall developed an enlightened and visionary concept for the reconstruction of Europe in the post war period – the European Recovery Program, better known as the Marshall Plan.  For his work in gaining passage of this remarkable project, Marshall, a five-start general, became the first professional soldier awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Combining  extensive primary source material with secondary sources, Thompson's biography, Marshall – A Statesman Shaped in the Crucible of War,  presents an authoritative and superbly readable story of George C. Marshall's extraordinary journey.