Youth Video Contest 2018

The George C. Marshall International Center is sponsoring the third annual youth video contest open to participants in the GCMIC Student Partnership Exchange Program (SPEP) traveling in the summer and fall of 2018.

The intent of the video contest is to increase awareness of the significant impact that George C. Marshall’s leadership had on both American and European history during and after World War II and to raise awareness of the GCMIC student exchange program. Film entries should focus on demonstrating the positive benefits and experiences of the SPEP program and knowledge gained about Marshall’s impact with the goal of increasing interest and participation in the student exchange programs.

For example, the video may depict something the participant has learned about hardships faced by Europeans and the transformation of Europe following WWII. It may involve scenery from an impacted area visited while on the trip along with a description of the relevant history of the area. As an example, the video may contain an interview with your host family or a person knowledgeable about the impact of the European Recovery Program (i.e., The Marshall Plan) on their life. You may also interview fellow participants about things they have learned about George C. Marshall and his impact to visited areas.

Creativity is strongly encouraged, while technical aspects of the video are less important. The video should NOT simply be slideshows of your trip to Europe.

Video may be captured using any digital video capture device such as a camcorder, webcam, digital camera, GoPro, cell phone, or iPad and may be edited using any available video editing software. Inclusion of a narration track, sound effects, titling, graphics, or animation is at the discretion of the participant.

The submission date for all entries will be March 1, 2018. Instructions for submitting entries will be provided when the contest registration form is received through the U.S. Postal Service or as an attachment emailed to Winning entries and selected videos will be shared at a culminating film festival currently planned for April 1, 2018 (date subject to change).

For more detailed information including, prizes, rules and an application, please visit the links below.

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