Marshall’s Original Belongings

study-2Approximately 90 percent of the Marshall Collection belonged to the Marshalls. It includes furniture, art, books, clothes, maps, Chinese furniture and artwork, trunks, personal items, and ephemeral objects that support the interpretation of the home during the most significant years of Marshall’s career, from his appointment as Chief of Staff of the Army through the post- World War II years when he served Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense.

More than 1,000 items were donated to Manor by Katherine Marshall’s grandchildren for display and research. Many of these artifacts were repaired or restored by specialists in furniture, art, book, and fabric conservation, using the book,¬†George Catlett Marshall: Historic Furnishing Plan, by renowned historian and architectural restoration expert, Dr. William Seale.

dining-room-1Following the exterior restoration of The Marshall House in 2005, the collection was meticulously arranged in the museum in accordance with the room-by-room furnishing plan developed by Seale. The plan provided the basis for the museum’s interpretation, in addition to the culmination of 10 years of research and collection of information about The Marshall House¬† from relatives, visitors and former employees. Information gleaned from these oral interviews is further supported by physical and documentary research.